Haymaker's Survey Our Secret Inheritance

Here's the rear cover summary of the book:

‘Ben Whittenbury grew up trying to find his purpose in life. Now aged 39, and in a world facing climate chaos, he takes a vow to become Nature’s Champion. It leads to a ghostly encounter with a Lady in Grey, who seeks Ben’s help in recovering something truly priceless.

A remarkable magical adventure unfolds in Hertfordshire, England involving Ben’s family and his enigmatic dog, Malachi. It’s a journey that spans two hundred years and leads to the discovery of a journal from Charles Lamb, a romantic poet from the time of the industrial revolution.

The journal contains an extraordinary account of how famous people like William Wordsworth, Mary Shelley and the Duke of Wellington are inspired to come together as the Blakesware Set and leave us our secret inheritance, ‘The Haymakers Survey.’

The Haymaker's Survey novel

The novel titled, 'The Haymakers Survey: Our Secret Inheritance' has been superseded by 'The Earth Emperor's Eye' available at www.EarthEmperorsEye.com. A limited number of paperback copies of the original novel are available to buy. 

Available to buy for £3 plus postage. 

The Haymakers Survey Book Cover
  • 512 pages, including 3 in full colour.
  • Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 3cm.
  • ISBN 978-0-9557023-0-3.
  • Printed on paper from sustainable sources in accordance with FSC standards.


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